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It is a classic, timeless and often heirloom accessory; cherished and lovingly passed down through generations to adorn the heads of grandmothers, mothers and daughters….. I think that (as well as the obvious sparkle element) is what I love most about this particular bridal accessory.


And with this in mind, following the recent trends for first the Juliet Cap Veils and then Flower Crowns, well I am now firmly of the belief it is time for a revival of the most elegant, beautiful and darn right swanky of bridal accessories, the crown or tiara! So, inspired by some of the most beautiful brides (real and otherwise) of recent years I have pulled together a selection of some of my favourite bridal diadems fit for a Princess (for if you can’t dress like a princess on your wedding day, when can you??)…….

So, are you convinced by my call for a tiara and crown revival? I think it is well past time ladies, so embrace your inner Princess!

Some designs and colors to be fashionable with your happiest day:

1.Gold crowns, are magnificent.

2.Pearl wreaths, are unique and stylish in the sea.

3.Handmade crowns ,they have sensitivity to character.

4.Stylish princess crowns,the design of princess Daiana, will never have death.

Why the crowns will never die..

Crowns will never die...

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Art is about paying attention … you definitely got this 😇😍😚


omg you are my inspiration


You started this with passion,art and feeling…go like this and go high.Bring something different to our country 👏👏👏👌👌👌👌


thanks sooooooooo much


Perfect and original idea can find only here!!! 👏👏


thanks soooooooooo much


Amazing work and a talent that leaves you speechless! 👏🏼👏🏼✨✨


thanks so much but you are amazing


oh my gad you started from nothing and now you are on top , i whish you the best and i hope you continue whith big ideas 👏🙏great jop 💕


thanks so much


I have always liked your job, and I still think you are doing great things 😄 Keep going ❤️😘😘



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